TMJ Apple Valley

A sudden pain in your jaw or neck area can be an excruciating feeling.  These cases can frequently interrupt you from enjoying your daily life.  Numerous patients experience jaw pain and dentists frequently cite the TMJ area as the prime concern.   Despite the severity of this problem, our dentist Dr. Kelly Hong is an outstanding professional in treating TMJ with the utmost comfort and sincerity.

TMJ refers to the Temporomandibular joints, which are sensitive joints situated on each side of your face.  It is the primary connector between your jaw and skull. The TMJ is responsible of your essential oral functions such as chewing and speaking.  If a disorder affects this joint, pain can affect numerous parts of your body, including the jaw, neck, back, shoulder, and teeth.

Numerous nerves, blood vessels, and muscle are prevalent in the TMJ area.  This is why disorders that affect this joint can result in extreme pain.  With the expertise of our team and Apple Valley dentist Dr. Kelly, we can thoroughly analyze this case and provide the timeliest solutions.  We examine the precise details of your case and create a comfortable remedy that is instantly implemented.  Various patients have experienced our TMJ treatments and have been amazed at the pain-free results!

If you’re experiencing an irritating problem such as jaw pain or headaches, our TMJ treatments may be the professional solution you’re looking for.