Teeth Whitening Apple Valley

An attractive and glimmering smile is your best feature whenever you want to convey a sense of confidence.  At Kelly Smile Dentistry, these are what we provide daily.  Through our specializations in teeth whitening, our patients leave with the best looking smiles they’ve had in years.  Our proficiency in a multitude of teeth whitening systems can give you a range of options that will help you attain a bright smile.

One of our unique systems is the BriteSmile in-office package.  This is especially designed to eliminate the appearance of stains resulting from coffee drinking and smoking.  BriteSmile utilizes a safe gel that is applied onto your teeth and activated with low intensity light.  In a single hour, this process can transform your teeth into a picturesque scene of beauty that is 10 shades whiter!

We also specialize in the ZOOM! teeth whitening system. This also addresses frequent discolorations caused by coffee consumption and smoking activities.  With thick gel applied onto your teeth, this safe procedure can deliver a renewed smile that advances your level of beauty!   Custom trays are also provided for you to maintain your renewed smile at home.

Our expertise in teeth whitening also covers the Sinsational Smile in-office system.  This particular treatment is designed to rejuvenate your smile in as little as 20 minutes.  Sinsational Smile uses top-of-the-line technology such as LED lighting to accelerate the teeth whitening process.  This helps you see amazing results in an instant fashion!

No matter which system you choose, a brightened and enhanced smile can be the only outcome especially with the expertise of Apple Valley dentist Dr. Kelly Hong!