Patient Reviews


"My smile was hindered by a noticeable gap that I always saw in the mirror. I didn’t want to hide under a rock forever, so I visited Dr. Kelly for a crown. With my newly-restored teeth, it was great to be able to enjoy a smile again! I would not have been this confident without her help, thank you for a wonderful experience!"

− Demi M.

"At the time, I was dealing with loads of discolored and poor-looking teeth. There was no way I was going to let this plague my looks for the rest of my life, so I met with Dr. Kelly to see what she can do. Her office was delivered the experience I was asking for. I had complete confidence and comfort the whole time as she brought wonders to my smile! I owe my gratitude to Dr. Kelly for her amazing care."

− Brady H.

"Dr. Kelly definitely had the magic touch when it came to repairing my teeth. I had a half-genuine smile that was all over the place! Her Invisalign treatment was wonderful and very convenient for my active lifestyle. Seeing and bragging about my new smile never gets old! I can confidently call Dr. Kelly my favorite dentist."

− Iris C.