Nobel BioCare 3D Scanner

Partnering with Nobel Biocare, Kelly Smile Dentistry delivers a transformed smile to your face with revolutionary 3-D scanning technology.  We utilize a state-of-the-art optical scanner that creates impressions with pinpoint accuracy and detail.   With the innovative features of the NobelProcera scanner, you can see the best models of your teeth that will help our team provide optimal solutions for your dental needs.

nobelprocera-3d-1Some of the most notable features of our 3D scanner include maximized accuracy, geometric coverage, data-supported models, and efficient functionality.  The rich detail that NobelProcera provides represents a breakthrough in dental care.  With the improved stability and technical qualities of this technology, you can prepare yourself for dental treatments that are more optimized than ever!

The NobelProcera technology utilizes the most stable and advanced of materials to produce high quality restorations.  This can reduce the probability of errors and improve the efficiency of the treatment.

Apple Valley dentist Dr. Kelly Hong is a professional who is no stranger to this new technology.  For years, her treatments have been implemented with the enhanced support of the Nobel Biocare 3D scanner.  The results she has provided have been nothing short of outstanding!