Invisalign Apple Valley

Managing misshaped teeth is difficult without the expertise of a professional.  Metal braces are the traditional method of treating this problem, but they present additional complications such as their weight and distracting presence.  The search for a comfortable teeth straightening experience contributes to the popularity of Invisalign.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Kelly Hong possesses the necessary tools and experience to shape your smile into its finest peak of beauty!  After an impression of your teeth is designed, the aligners are comfortably fitted onto them.  Over a series of months, your teeth are gradually shifted into their natural and authentic positions.  With the benefits of Invisalign, a straightened smile is more attainable than ever!

The key features that make Invisalign aligners an innovative trend are their comfort and resilience.  When you need to make an adjustment, you can simply remove your aligners for 15-20 minutes.  This does not complicate the teeth straightening process so you can continue on your way to reestablishing your smile.

Enjoy the amazing features of Invisalign with the help of Dr. Kelly Hong.  Her outstanding history of success in this field is showcased by the life-changing results she delivers every day.  Welcome back a remarkable smile into your life with a visit to Kelly Hong Dental!