Holistic Dentist Apple Valley

Apple Valley dentist Dr. Kelly Hong and her team aim to provide you with an enriching dental experience that is designed to be as safe and rewarding as possible.  Numerous patients seek a different level of dentistry that improves their well-being and adds a layer of shine to their teeth.  Dr. Kelly possesses the dedication to provide you with the right level of care that delivers precise, efficient, and spiritually-oriented results.

We build our treatments around ensuring your teeth are at their healthiest and we don’t sacrifice the integrity of our practice to achieve this goal.  This means that a variety of the treatments we specialize in are provided with no amount of amalgam or toxin material.   Our periodontal treatments promise to be as non-invasive as possible in regards to surgical procedures.  We also stress the importance of maintaining proper practices to ensure the optimal health of your teeth.

Our treatments address the prevalence of gum disease from their biological roots.  This means our expertise not only scratches the surface of dentistry but draws from an inside-out approach to the field.

Regardless of the solution you’re looking for, your long-term safety and emotional happiness are consistent priorities in our minds.  With our decades of experience and extensive record of success, you can expect a level of care that delivers on both results and personal well-being.