GALILEOS presents a definitive viewing experience with a more powerful imaging system than ever.  This 3D imaging hardware provides both doctors and patients with a comprehensive rendering of restorations and impressions.  With the advanced features that this system offers, the efficiency and quality of treatments can only improve!

The GALILEOS ComfortPLUS hardware utilizes a 15.4 cm spherical imagining volume that effectively captures the total extent of the jaw area.  This includes the ascending rami and sinus region.

GALILEOS also utilizes the MARS metal artifact reconstruction software to deliver an enhanced reconstruction of individual teeth, capturing each detail to the smallest pixel!


With the GALILEOS system, you can expect optimal image quality with HD options, in-depth imaging that utilizes the lowest doses of radiation, an efficient work process that is perfectly integrated, and specialized FaceScanner features.

For years, Apple Valley dentist Dr. Kelly Hong has reshaped smiles through the screen of the GALILEOS imaging system. Our dedication to utilizing the most advanced technology available is centered on ensuring you experience the greatest results!

Combined with our expertise, GALILEOS can certainly augment your dental experience for numerous years!