Dentures Apple Valley

Even a single gap in your smile can be an obstruction to your beauty.  Missing teeth can be caused by a variety of events such as physical impact, diseases, and decay.  This is an unfortunate problem that does not eliminate itself, but with the help of our Apple Valley dentist Dr. Kelly Hong, a consistent solution is available!

Dentures are the recommended course of action to treat tooth loss.  They are designed from material such as acrylic resin and titanium steel to provide enhanced support.  Dentures are provided in complete or partial forms.  The differences between these two depends on the extent of the area being treated.  Complete dentures replace an entire set of teeth while partial dentures address individual cases.

They can be secured with the use of implants or by connecting with adjoined teeth.  In the latter scenario, metal clasps are placed at the end of the dentures and hooked to the adjacent teeth.  Irrespective of how you want your dentures to be secured, we can assure an effective fit with your teeth’s natural structure.

The dentures we provide are customized to deliver a smile that blends with your personality and nature.  They are also specialized to enable you to continue your daily activities.  This means a minimal amount of adjustment and maintenance is required to perfect your smile.

Dr. Kelly Hong and her team are committed to ensuring you receive the most satisfaction out of your dentures.  Give us a call to experience the complete level of care that is only possible at Kelly Smile Dentistry!