Dental Implants Apple Valley

Apple Valley dentist Dr. Kelly Hong is proud to provide you the very best in quality dental implants.  A missing tooth is a complicated problem to manage.  This issue can force you to adjust your chewing and speaking functions – which places additional difficulties on your life.  What dental implants are effective at are transforming the look and health of your teeth!

Dental implants are permanent solutions whenever a missing tooth is affecting your smile.  An implant procedure is initiated after an examination has determined that the treatment is necessary.  The implant itself consists of a screw that is surgically placed into your jaw bone.  After the incision is completed, your gums can provide the space to properly fit the implants.

After the implants have been applied, 3-6 months of time may be required for them to integrate into your jaw and help your gums recover.  Temporary crowns are available during this process to allow you to perform your regular oral activities. Once the implant is firmly secured, a prosthetic tooth is designed to be placed onto the implants.  This prosthetic tooth restores the vibrancy and functionality of your natural tooth because of its replicative features.   The crowns are customized at our lab to provide the perfect match for your unique smile!

After the implant has fully established itself in your mouth, a new smile is ready to change your life!