Dental Crowns Apple Valley

Tooth decay can present a major headache for your teeth’s appearance and functions.  When this particular problem is prevalent, smiling in public and chewing food can be arduous challenges.  The ideal remedies to this problem are crowns and these are some of the numerous specializations at the office of Apple Valley dentist Dr. Kelly Hong.

Tooth decay can result in a deterioration of your teeth in the form of cracks, discoloration, and infections.  This can hamper your teeth to the point where your smile will lose its natural display of beauty.  Crowns are the ultimate solution to tooth decay and can help you recover a healthier smile.  They replace a proportion of your tooth and strengthen damaged enamel.

Crowns can be produced from porcelain and composite materials.  They can deliver a complete restoration that will also match your tooth’s color and framework.  This is a superb treatment that can help you recapture a beautiful smile.

An additional solution to tooth decay exists in the form of bridges.  Similar to crowns, bridges can be designed using gold or metal materials.   They are durable restorations that can deliver a long-lasting smile.  They are fitted to replace multiple teeth that are missing or damaged by decay.  Along with recovering your teeth, they are also adept at improving your speaking and chewing functions.

Bridges are permanently applied after multiple visits to the dentist.  A temporary set of bridges is provided during the first visit.  Once the temporary restoration is removed, the final bridges are ready to be placed in your mouth so you can enjoy a sensational smile!