CEREC Crowns Apple Valley

Apple Valley CERECThe most timely and efficient manner to restoring teeth is through CEREC technology.  This system treats decayed and chipped teeth with more effectiveness than ever!  In minutes, a restoration is completely designed to provide durable support and structure for damaged teeth. That is why CEREC is referred to as the “same day crown” treatment.

CEREC restorations utilize compressed porcelain to provide additional support and vitality to the treated tooth.  This is necessary because the permanent restoration is provided on the day of the first visit.  Inlays, onlays, and veneers can also be provided in a single visit through the use of CEREC technology.   Without the need for a temporary restoration, there are fewer inconveniences to manage as your teeth are being restored to their optimal health.

The procedure is initiated with the removal of decay from your teeth.  We display your teeth on a 3D computer screen which will help us design an accurate restoration of your teeth.  The CEREC finalizes the design and creates the final restoration.  With a one-hour treatment, your new smile is ready to change your life!

If you’re looking for the most efficient and thorough of dental solutions, then we can provide you with timely care in the form of CEREC.